The Connection Between Hormones, Muscle, and Man Boobs

By | April 19, 2017

man boobs

Men of all ages have thoughts about the potential for breast growth, whether or not they have any of their own. Men who like women tend to like their breasts, but the idea of the same organ growing on their own chests is cause of alarm. It’s even worse when it starts to happen!

Sometimes this happens during childhood and old age, but men in their prime are not immune to man boobs. For those who have this condition, surgery is always an option. If you don’t already have over-developed male breast tissue, then let’s talk about why it happens and what you can do to prevent it.

Most of the time, male breast tissue growth is related to an overproduction of estrogen, or an underproduction of testosterone. Estrogen is the hormone most closely associated with femininity. It causes breasts to grow, and certain feminine personality traits to emerge in the person who has the estrogen coursing through their veins. Both men and women produce estrogen naturally, but if its balance with other hormones is out of whack, it can express itself a little too boldly.

In men, this can result in weight gain, loss of muscle mass, and the development of male breasts. Oftentimes this happens naturally when a man enters late middle age, and his natural supply of testosterone production reduces beyond a certain point. For other males, estrogen may have been oversupplied in the womb, causing a lessened expression of typically masculine traits as the individual goes through childhood and adolescence. These issues can continue through adulthood, causing men to lack the secondary sex characteristics usually associated with maturity, like thick body hair, deep voice, or high sex drive.

Some men lose testosterone for other factors, like inactivity. Testosterone is boosted through intense physical activity and other forms of exertion. Examples include sex, exercise, vigorous activities such as chopping wood, running, and others. Men produce more testosterone as a result of these behaviors because the body naturally wants to build itself to meet the needs of its activities. Therefore, if you do a lot of physical work, your body will naturally create the chemicals necessary to spur on muscle development and work drive.

But for some men, this isn’t enough. The body just doesn’t create the testosterone necessary to make the big differences in body and mind. For men like this, hormone therapy may be the best option. Hormones and their synthetic analogues, steroids, can be added to a man’s body at regular intervals, producing the exact changes that would result if he produced those chemicals themselves.

This therapy has more impact than just secondary sex characteristics. Higher testosterone levels also boost the immune system, which can keep a man from getting sick, and can even prevent cancer.

Therefore, if you are finding that you don’t have the appearance of someone with high testosterone, maybe it’s time to change matters. Eat healthy foods and get a lot of exercise. If this is not enough to change things in your desired direction, talk to your doctor about hormone therapy and get rid of those man boobs!