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3 Powerful Workouts for a Bulging Butt

It seems like everyone wants a bigger booty, but we don’t want all that size coming from excess fat. Building the gluteus maximus muscle is the key and there are 3 powerful workouts that can do this, so that you will be filling out those jeans in no time. 3 Main Butt Building Exercises If… Read More »

Winning The Battle Of The Bulge: 9 Tips To Lose Your Gut

Your midsection says a lot about you–your activity level, your stress level, and how much you indulge in less-than-healthy practices. Many people find it exceedingly difficult to lose the fat around their middles and find themselves doing hundreds of crunches each day to no avail. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to… Read More »

Will Diet and Exercise Get Rid Of My Manboobs?

Many guys who are on a journey to lose weight and build muscle wonder if diet and workout programs will eliminate their manboobs. The answer is a bit complicated since there are several factors involved and each must be addressed before the manboobs will ever disappear. However, don’t panic there are some steps to take… Read More »

How Do I Raise my Metabolism?

Here is a top list of ways to raise your metabolism. Train With Weights Training with weights boosts your metabolism in a number of ways. Weight training itself has been shown to increase exercise post oxygen consumption (EPOC) – in other words, your metabolism may be raised for hours or even days after the session.… Read More »