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Top 5 Ways You Can Stay Lean and Muscular this Year

Most men would love to have a muscular body. No matter how much you deny this, it’s almost certainly somewhere on your wish-list. Women will find you attractive, other men will likely show you respect and you’ll feel really confident in yourself. Your big chest, broad shoulders and thick arms will turn heads wherever you… Read More »

5 Habits that Will Make You a Healthier Person

Oftentimes the most difficult part of making a lifestyle change is finding the resolve to follow through in those crucial first weeks. It is often quoted that just three weeks of determination will allow your mind to go on autopilot and form the habit you desire—but the reality is a little less convenient. Forming a… Read More »

Fitness Challenge: Creating and Working in a Group

Keeping fit is a goal-oriented process that involves a number of routines that sometimes work together; exercise, a healthy diet, and regular medical checkup. It can be quite a challenge to start, stay in a routine and stay motivated, especially if you are a parent, a student or have a tasking job. This is why… Read More »

How to Get Your Waist Into Shape

Every girl wants to look great. And no matter how pretty your face is, a slim waist is what is needed to feel perfect. Unfortunately, the present-day lifestyle often stands in the way of keeping fit. So let’s consider what steps can be taken to achieve improvement in this area. While dieting is nice, you… Read More »

3 Timesaving Tips for Battling the Bulge

In an age of long working days and 24/7 connectivity, it’s a massive challenge for many people to find the time to cast off distractions and get in some old-fashioned workouts. And if that time can’t be found, then what does that mean? Just giving up? Well, not exactly. Through the wonders of technological innovations… Read More »