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Sedentary Lifestyle is Taking a Toll on Health

According to the World Health Organization’s first Global Report on Diabetes, around 422 million adults worldwide were living with diabetes in 2014. This figure has increased since then, as more and more people are adopting a sedentary lifestyle, either willingly or under certain circumstances. Apart from work being sedentary, people often do not find the […]

How Living More Naturally Can Boost Your Weight Loss

Living the best life possible is definitely easier when you have a well-nourished body that isn’t carrying extra weight. This is a scenario that many people strive for day in day out, often with short lasting or disappointing results. Years of restrictive dieting, expensive, chemical packed meal substitutes, and sometimes even pills and potions generally […]

3 Essential Things To Do To Benefit From Your Workouts

While it’s fun to focus on creating your perfect total body or split-training routine, putting your mind in your muscles, constantly working on perfecting your form, and pushing yourself past failure, this is only part of the equation. You know that you don’t build muscles when you’re working out, but when you’re resting between workouts. […]

How Bemer Therapy Can Help Your Circulation

The heart is an amazing organ, necessary for every waking second of our lives. Blood circulation is the critical and key function your heart performs. Bemer therapy aids in this circulation, allowing for more efficient blood flow. Bemer therapy is essential for the circulatory system to be firing on all cylinders, carrying blood through every […]