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How to Naturally Increase Your Confidence

Low self-confidence can feel like a life sentence. Every time you are passed over in favor of someone else and every time something goes wrong it can feel like another tick towards justifying your low opinion of yourself. The secret, however, is that you aren’t any different from anyone else, it’s just that you are… Read More »

5 Tips to Becoming the Social Media-Savvy Dentist

Many healthcare practices today still revolve around traditional methods of promoting the service. While some practices don’t encourage outright advertising, there are lots of clever ways to put your business if front of potential customers. In today’s 21st century world where the consumer (patient) is highly knowledgeable and extremely brand-aware, it might not be very… Read More »

How to Stay Fit While Studying Full-Time

When it comes to the most common excuse for why people don’t work out and exercise, a lack of time is either right at the top of the list or within the top three. If you’re currently enrolled in your masters of social work online so that you can have a rewarding career working with… Read More »

Tips for Starting a Successful Fitness Business

Fitness, health, and wellness are big right now. Never before, have so many people developed an interest in all things health and fitness related. Men and woman everywhere are spending their weekends competing in triathlons or cycling hundreds of miles for charitable causes. It is very different from thirty years ago when the local gym… Read More »