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How to Maximize Your Athletic Performance

There are no set workouts or activities that can improve a person’s performance, as different athletes will respond to different workouts and tactics. However, there are some basic rules to follow that can maximize your athletic performance. Regular Fluid Intake It is recommended athletes have a fluid intake between 550-800ml per hour, which can prevent […]

5 Tips For Beginner Weight Lifting

Despite myths that say lifting weights will make you bulky and big, lifting even a few times a week has plenty of benefits for the body. Whether you are male or female, weights can: Improve your posture Lower bad cholesterol levels and high blood pressure Burn more calories at rest Boost your body’s natural antidepressants […]

Gain Confident Muscles with Healthy Discipline

Muscles mean confidence! They not only display your strength but also make you bold mentally. Often, there is this nagging lack of confidence from comparing your muscles with peers. You find it difficult to pick up a conversation or go ahead in a relationship. One may even find it difficult to concentrate at work and progress […]