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Four Ways to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat

If you’ve been working hard to lose weight for some time, then you might have found that belly fat is harder to lose than most other fat on your body. If you have lost a great deal of weight and are struggling to get rid of the fat around your middle, then you’ll be glad… Read More »

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The Comprehensive Ab Routine

Here’s a great abdominal core strength routine that fits itself to almost everyone. The reason this fits most people is due to various levels. You begin with the first level and work your way forward. Most people will not get past the first few levels for several months. It can take a trained athlete months… Read More »

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Best Flat Tummy Exercises for Great Female Abs

Are there flat tummy exercises that are the best for great female abs? Abs-olutely! To make this list, the female abs exercises must be safe, effective and can be done nearly anywhere. Your abs can be worked out every day.Here are great flat tummy exercises: Tummy Isometric Crunch — exhale, then suck in your stomach… Read More »

Firm and Flatten Your Abs

Tom Venuto conducted an interview with David Grisaffi. David is a certified personal trainer, golf trainer, and C.H.E.K. (corrective high performance exercise kinesiologist). What is this? Check out the interview to learn more. David is the author of a very popular e-Book, ‘Flatten Your Abs’ that jumps into the hardcore details about how to truly… Read More »

Core and Abdominal Training – Great Abs!

Abdominal training is very misunderstood. Many people place a lot of emphasis on abs without understanding how the abs function or why they are even training in a certain way. Let’s explore the correct way to train abs for the results that you want! Having visibly appealing abs – the so-called six-pack – has almost… Read More »