Most Dependable and Hassle Free Snoring Solutions For Better Sleep and Health

By | June 30, 2016

solutions for snoring

Over 45% of the adult world population snores regularly or at least occasionally. What most of these adults are unaware of is that snoring is a serious condition and might lead to a variety of health issues, some of which might prove severely detrimental as well.

Serious and active snoring can also be a sign of heart disease or obstructive sleep apnea. The aim of this article is to help people reduce or absolutely stop snoring, for both their own sake and people living with them.

Causes of snoring:

There are a number of factors or causes that make people snore. Some of the most common and persistent causes include-

  • Obstructed nasal airways,
  • Long and Soft palate, also referred to as uvula,
  • Throat that is bulky,
  • Muscles in and around the throat and tongue that are not very strong, etc.

How to solve your snoring issue?

Now that are you are aware of the many causes and ill effects of snoring, here are a few dependable and hassle-free snoring solutions that will help you tackle your snoring issue.

  • Changing your sleeping position

One of the most effective yet underrated solutions for snoring is changing your sleeping position.

How does it work? Well, when you are sleeping with your back on the bed, the tongue, and the soft palate descend back towards the respiratory track, stopping efficient passage of air and negatively affect the process of respiration. This results in creating a vibrating sound from the throat, which is the snoring.

The best solution to this is to turn on your side when this is happening. Get yourself a full sized pillow, this helps you stay on one side by taking the whole weight of your body on it. This controls and reduces the incidents of snoring by a considerable lot.

  • Changing the pillow

Often we are unaware of the allergens that are present in our bedrooms, especially on our pillows. These are often the part of the dust we vacuum or brush off the bed and pillows on the morning. They are a major cause of snoring. You can easily get rid of them by cleaning the top of your ceiling fan, dusting the bed and covers every single day and most importantly changing the cover of the pillow or the pillow itself.

  • Make sure you maintain good sleep hygiene

One of the best ways to get rid of snoring is to maintain proper sleep hygiene. At the end of a long and tiring day, it is a better idea to step into the shower, take a long, hot bath and rejuvenate yourself, before hitting the sack. This makes sure that you feel fresh, removing the tired energy from your body and also loosens blocked noses and throat, allowing a deep and satisfying sleep. Not doing so, sends you off to bed, over tired, hence the muscles around your tongue, throat and uvula become floppier, resulting in snoring.

  • Avoid consumption of alcohol

Consuming any kind of sedative or alcohol before you go off to sleep, result in depleting the relaxed tone of the muscles present at the back of the throat. You should not drink at least 6 hours before you intend to go to sleep. It might heighten the chance of snoring and make it worse, gradually. If you are not a usual snorer, drinking alcohol before hitting the bed might make you snore on those occasions.

  • Clear nasal passages

Clogged nasal passages result in speedier movement of air from it. This definitely results in snoring. The best and most hassle free solution here is to take a hot shower before going off to sleep. This immediately opens the clogged nasal passages, caused by a cold or flu and helps you earn a good night’s sleep, without snoring bothering you. You can also use warm salt water to rinse the insides of your nasal passage more effectively.

These are without a doubt the most hassle free solutions to snoring and can be executed at almost no expense of time or energy. Choose the ones that you find most helpful and help yourself get rid of snoring.