Calories Burned During Exercise Calculator

By | March 1, 2004

calories burned during exercise calculator
This calculator computes the calories burned during popular activities.

This is a general calculator to estimate the amount of calories burned during activity. It is a little more precise than most calculators, because it is based on your weight instead of a generic range. There are still issues, however.

Accurate equations should be gender specific and should take into account lean mass (including muscle) instead of overall weight.

Enter your weight in pounds: 
Enter duration of your activity in minutes:  minutes
Select the activity: 
Your Calories Burned: 

Your level of ability also affects this – if you are more experienced with an activity, you will burn fewer calories doing it! Use this as a general guideline.

The activities included in this calculator are the ten (10) most popular, according to the US census.

They are listed in the order that they were ranked. Weightlifting is the only exception, which I have replaced myself in lieu of “Exercising with Equipment” because this was too broad of a range. Camping provides zero calories in the calculator because it is not specific enough.

I then added running, as this is also a very popular activity. All exercises assume a moderate intensity level.

Not an Exact Science

There are so many other factors that influence how efficiently your body burns calories during exercise.

Health conditions, the amount of calories in your diet, and genetics all factor into this.

So use the above as a rough guideline, but don’t get frustrated if your results are slightly different.

The important thing is that you ARE exercising!