Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator and Chart

By | February 27, 2004

bmi calculator and chart

Learn about body mass index and compute your own with this simple calculator.

Simply enter your height in feet and inches, and your weight in pounds, then click the calculate button to compute your BMI. Since the BMI ranges are different between men and women, two boxes indicate what category you are in based on your

Easy BMI Calculator

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So What is Body Mass Index?

Like other tools, such as body fat or weight, BMI is simply another method to help assess your level of fitness. It is not the only tool available, and certainly should be taken in the context of your overall fitness levels. While statistics show that the BMI is a great predictor of general health factors, it does have one disadvantage: it does not take into account the amount of lean mass (non-fat, including muscle) you have.

You must learn your body fat percentage in order to compute this. Since BMI functions by comparing your height to your weight, for the general population, this makes a great indicator of your general shape or condition. However, someone with an extraordinarily large amount of muscle mass, such as a bodybuilder, may seem to be at risk (due to the heavy weight) when in fact they are perfectly healthy.

For another, similar method that uses your lean mass rather than your total weight, check out the Fat Free Mass Index.