Fitness and Nutrition Calculators


Here are some easy to use and free fitness and nutrition calculators that can help you workout as efficiently as possible, track your progress, and eat the right amount of calories.

16 Easy Fitness and Nutrition Calculators

  1. How Many Pounds/Calories?
  2. One Rep Max
  3. Body Fat Calculator
  4. Zig-Zag Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
  5. Target Heart Rate Calculator
  6. Fat Free Mass Index(FFMI)
  7. Body Mass Index(BMI)
  8. Calories Burned During Exercise
  9. Calorie and Gram Nutrition Calculator
  10. Goal Setting Fat Loss Calculator
  11. Post-Workout Shake Calculator
  12. Fat loss and muscle change Calculator
  13. Food Nutrition Calculator
  14. Healthy Fat Calculator
  15. Basil Metabolic Rate Calculator
  16. How Much Protein Calculator

Are These Calculators Accurate?

All fitness and nutrition calculators give a person an estimate of what they can expect to achieve or gain from the calculated results. These are not ann exact science.

A formula cannot begin to take into account all of the variables and individual differences that exist in the human population.

So, don’t get frustrated if you do not achieve exactly what the calculator tells you, but use these tools as a guide or a point of reference.