How Getting Your MSN Could Help You to Promote Weight Loss in Your Community

By | July 27, 2016

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Obesity is a serious health condition that many people all over the country face, and it can increase an individual’s risk for a variety of ailments, as well as shorten a person’s lifespan.

If you want to do your part in combating this crisis, you can get your MSN, or master of science in nursing, from a school like Bradley University, and then use that education to promote weight loss within your community.

Educating Patients on Causes of Obesity

Nurses can work with patients to educate them on what causes obesity and what can be done to overcome it. Many times, people are simply unaware of the risk factors and causes of obesity, but nurses can work within their communities to spread valuable education, dispel myths, and teach people what they should and shouldn’t eat to maintain a healthy weight.

Assisting Patients in Setting Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Another problem that’s commonly encountered amongst individuals who are overweight and obese is the fact that they aren’t sure how to set realistic weight loss goals. Nurses can help in this area as well by simply teaching their patients how much weight is safe to lose, and how much weight would be realistic to lose within a specified period of time.

In this way, patients won’t have unrealistic expectations about what they can or should lose, and they can remain motivated because they’ll see results without feeling like those results aren’t enough.

Helping Obese Individuals Make the Right Lifestyle and Dietary Changes

In addition to helping patients set realistic goals, nurses can also work wonders when it comes to helping people create healthy lifestyle habits that will last. Switching unhealthy habits for healthier alternatives is one way that obesity can be reduced, and nurses can play a pivotal role in teaching others about the right lifestyle changes and how to implement them with the greatest ease and the highest level of success.

On top of lifestyle changes, dietary changes also need to be made if an individual wants to lose a dramatic amount of weight, and this is yet another area where nurses can play a very important role.

Nurses can gain additional education in nutrition so they can teach others how to create healthy portions, how to choose the healthiest food options while avoiding tempting unhealthy foods, and how to count calories so that weight loss can be achieved in a healthy way.

Doctors May Not Be Enough

While doctors are definitely integral in the process of helping an obese individual shed excess weight, nurses can provide a more personal approach and one that’s less intense.

Many people may not feel entirely comfortable working with a doctor regarding their weight, but a nurse could be the accessible figure that a community needs in order to get healthy by slimming down.

In the end, people who need to lose weight can use all of the help that they can get because losing weight is a challenge. With the help of a qualified nurse, an individual can increase their chances of success.