5 Foods to Include in Your Fitness Plan

By | October 27, 2016


If your goal is to lose weight and improve your physical fitness, then monitoring what you eat can be just as important as how you exercise.

While keeping a food journal and cutting junk food out of your diet may be helpful in your quest to lose weight, there are certain foods that might help you achieve your ideal weight as well. Whether you want to lose ten pounds or fifty, including these foods in your daily diet may help support safe, steady weight loss.

1. Beets

If you want to increase your stamina in order to work out longer, then you may want to consider adding beets to your diet. Not only are they a viable source of vitamin C and fiber, one study showed that they also contain nitrates that may increase stamina. The more stamina you have, the longer you can exercise, which may result in increased weight loss.

Because beets are versatile, it should not be hard to add them to your daily diet. They can be sliced into a salad, added to a smoothie, or eaten steamed or roasted. In order to take advantage of the nutrients in beets, try to buy them fresh instead of canned.

2. Blueberries

There are a variety of berries that contain vitamin C and other nutrients that can help support your overall fitness, but none are so packed with antioxidants than blueberries. This little berry, which can be put into dozens of recipes, helps cut down on the body’s inflammatory response. This can benefit you if you run, have a punishing aerobic routine, or if you want to increase the length of your workout but are fighting aches and pains that come from joint pain and swelling.

Blueberries are not limited to just one meal, so you can toss a handful into your morning oatmeal, into a fresh summer salad at lunch, and even squeeze them into a smoothie after your daily workout. While fresh blueberries are the ideal choice, you can also use the frozen variety when fresh berries are out of season.

3. Cherries

Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet can help you increase vitamin and antioxidant intake, and cherries are one selection that may help you reduce pain and improve the stamina needed for weight loss workouts. They have also proven to help reduce belly fat and regulate the body’s production of melatonin, which is essential for healing sleep.

If you want to make a recipe with cherries that can be made essentially anywhere, try making a batch of backpacker’s polenta. This is made with one cup of polenta, ¼ cup of roasted pine nuts, ¼ cup of dried cherries, ¼ teaspoon of salt, and two tablespoons of Hamptoncreek Just Mayo. Roast the nuts first, then make the polenta. Combine all ingredients, stir, and you have a tasty, all-natural treat that you can take with you almost anywhere you go.

4. Salmon

Eating lean meat is an effective way to cut back on cholesterol and build muscle, and salmon is one of the leanest proteins available. This fish contains a number of bodybuilding benefits, such as omega fatty acids that fight heart disease, amino acids that help build new muscle tissue, and skeletal muscle support that may increase stamina during longer workouts.

Because salmon is so versatile, you can roast it, grill it, or combine it with veggies to make a lean and healthy meal for lunch or dinner. If you want to reap its benefits while you are on the go, try salmon jerky for a snack before or after a daily workout.

5. Watercress

While you might think of watercress as more of a garnish and not part of a meal, this green, which is related to mustard plants, can be a beneficial component for building a fitness diet because of its ability to reduce workout-related muscle and tissue damage. This could be beneficial if you are at the point in your routine where you want to add new exercises that might result in soreness.

Watercress can be added to salads, used as a garnish for fish, or put into a smoothie. Because of its texture, you may want to mince it before blending to avoid doing damage to your blender’s blades.

Eating a balanced diet goes hand in hand with exercise when it comes to getting in shape, and these foods may help you build a nutrition plan that will increase your odds of weight loss.