5 Protein Boosting Fast Snacks You Can Take with You Anywhere

By | January 1, 2017

protein snacks

Forget those store-bought energy bars. If you are into taking care of your health you’ll have no qualms about preparing a few fresh, homemade, protein-packed snacks to take with you so that your energy always remains at maximum levels.

Surprisingly, sophisticated cooking skills aren’t required to make snacked sized quantities of foods rich in protein. Students taking online PMHNP degrees are in a great position to whip up healthy protein packed snacks as they finish assignments and take study breaks. For ideas on protein-rich foods that you can carry with you on the go, read the ideas listed below.

1. Nuts

You can flavor them, lightly salt them, or sprinkle them on top of meals as a garnish for an extra punch of protein. This convenient snack-sized food can be easily portioned so that you get just enough protein to stay happy and upbeat while going on a long walk or sitting in the office.

Try out different kinds of nuts, like pistachios and walnuts for a variety of flavors that you’ll find most appealing when hunger strikes.

2. Dried Fish

Before you completely rule this one out, know that dried fish is not only good for you, it can be kept around for a very, very long time without going bad. Admittedly, this protein laden snack isn’t going to appeal to all, but if you are a fan of sardines and other salty fish meals, you might just find dried fish to be refreshing and unique.

If you own a dehydrator you can make dried fish snacks along with dried fruits, dehydrated vegetables, and other delectable treats.

3. Jerky

Although you don’t want to eat the kind of jerky you find prepackaged at the store, homemade jerky made from venison and even turkey is preferential for getting all the protein you need.

You can make your jerky the old fashioned way, drying it in a cool location for a couple of days, or use technology in the form of a home food dehydrator to cook as many batches as you want. Make sure that you have water around to drink, as jerky can really dry out your mouth.

4. Edamame

A highly favored snack among mental health nurse practitioner online students in Japan and abroad, edamame is a versatile and flavorful food that you can eat steamed, dry or even in raw form.

This Japanese soybean is something that you can find in the freezer section at your grocery store just as easily as the nearby health food store, so give it a go and start making different snack sized edamame recipes for a more varied source of protein.

5. Yogurt and Cheese

Don’t sleep on protein filled yogurts and cheeses. You can keep your snacks really simple, like carrying yogurt cups, or make mini fruit and cheese platters. Add what you like to your yogurt to give it a different texture, or just carry a couple of cheese sticks around to boost your intake of protein on the go.

You don’t have to measure your protein intake by the gram, but you should be eating enough on a daily basis to support muscle development and stave off gaining extra fat.