6. Not Taking Pictures of Your Fat Loss Progress

By | February 11, 2004

“I Don’t Want a Photograph of Myself Now When I am Fat. It’s Embarrassing. I’ll Wait Until I Lost All My Weight Before I Take A Picture.”

Sound Familar?

Do not make the mistake of not taking a “Before Picture”.

In August of 1999, I stood in front of the blinds at the front of my house and waited patiently as my wife snapped a photo of me holding a newspaper for a competition I would enter. At the time, this was just a necessary step for the competition. I did not think much of it, except that I felt humiliated and disgusted.

When the pictures came back, two things happened.

First, I realized what an amazing woman my wife was for being so supportive of what I saw, and second, I was fully motivated to make a change because, while I trick myself looking in the mirror, the photo did not lie.

Not everyone is entering a competition for prize money, and not everyone is comfortable sharing his or her photographs. Some people are starting out much heavier than the 245 with which I began my own journey. However, I cannot tell you how powerful taking a picture can be. It may be the one decision that makes or breaks your efforts to lose fat!

Even if you have no plans of sharing that picture with anyone else, take it. Tuck it away somewhere safe. You might not even want to look at it for months. But, inevitably, two things will happen.

Those who struggle or hit roadblocks will pull out that old photograph. It will remind them of how trapped they felt before they began the long journey to losing fat, and it will inspire and reinvigorate them to continue the journey.

Or, someone who is making great progress will look back and with nostalgia vow to never return. They will study that photo and use it as continuous motivation to live the healthy lifestyle.

If you transform and decide you never want to share that picture with anyone, you don’t have to. But what if you did not take the picture and suddenly you want to remember where you came from, or to share it with someone else to prove that they, too, can make the journey?

It would be a shame and a great regret to find you had no photographs to share. This is where the power of the picture really comes into play — it is not only something that can help you with your journey, but it holds tremendous power to spur others to make the amazing change themselves. And that can and should encourage you to continue — not because you need to drop those pounds, but because in doing so, you’ll not only be making a difference in your own life, but for the lives of others as well!

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