How Living More Naturally Can Boost Your Weight Loss

By | June 16, 2017

living naturally

Living the best life possible is definitely easier when you have a well-nourished body that isn’t carrying extra weight. This is a scenario that many people strive for day in day out, often with short lasting or disappointing results.

Years of restrictive dieting, expensive, chemical packed meal substitutes, and sometimes even pills and potions generally lead to disappointment, but there is another approach to weight loss that is worth a try. It’s one that involves some planning and commitment but isn’t complicated or super expensive.

With its focus on living naturally and just four basic practices to think about, this simple approach to weight loss is something anyone can try for themselves.

Ditch the Bad Drinks

Health research often warns of the hidden sugar in sodas and other sweetened drinks, but many people still consume a large percentage of their recommended daily calorie count in liquid form. Adding any alcohol or milky coffee-based drinks pushes the number of ‘empty calories’ even higher.

Make a switch to water easier by preparing a jug filled with sliced limes and/or lemons, or any other fruit you like. This is more palatable than plain water to many. It’s fine to have the odd hot drink or organic juice but limit this to one a day where possible, hydrating your body with natural water for 90% of the day.

Water-based drinks such as hot fruit or green teas may be an acquired taste, but they are worth persevering with.

Cull the Chemicals

Food should be satisfying, so when it isn’t we tend to overeat in a desperate quest to feel sated. Unfortunately, foods high in unhealthy fats, sugars, and chemical additives are pretty good at delivering this, although only for a short while.

Committing to grocery shopping at a natural food store makes basing meals around organic, hormone free meat, fish, dairy, fruit and veg a breeze. By limiting the intake of toxins processed foods contain, your body can heal and quickly become satisfied with less food.

Feast on Fruit

While it is true that fruit contains sugar, you can enjoy it in moderation; plus, some types are said to actually encourage fat to burn off faster. As with any food, mindlessly gorging on fruit is not advised, but including tomatoes, avocado, lemon, grapefruit and coconut in your daily diet, where possible, could really boost that weight loss number.

Snack Sensibly

Organic vegetables like carrots and cucumbers are easy to cut into crunchy sticks for snacking on, though they tend to scream for a dip, which is doable but means planning ahead. Other ideas include edamame, firm tofu – baked with a miso or soy glaze -, nuts and hard boiled eggs. Satisfy a sweet tooth with squares of raw chocolate, or check out the thousands of raw dessert recipes around online.

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is a journey which never ends, so whichever stage you are at, the best approach is to commit, do your best and overall enjoy food which nurtures your body.