Three Ways to Give Your Overall Health a Boost

By | September 13, 2017

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Do you go to the gym regularly? Are you currently trying to lose weight? Are you trying to bulk up your muscle, or tone up a little? Making changes that will affect your physical well-being is all well and good, but are you keeping an eye on your mental and overall health too? Sure, it’s important to exercise and hit the gym, but make sure that you keep it balanced – don’t forget your muscles need time to rest and recover for you to see any visible results on them. Keep in mind too, that if you are just starting on a new regime that change can take time then you won’t see all the changes you want overnight. Remember, motivation and good nutrition are just as important for your health too.

While you might think that you are in optimal health, why not take the time to give your overall health a bit of a review. Are there any known complaints or diseases in your family that you are aware of that could be alleviated with medical advice? Perhaps there’s an ache or pain that you have been meaning to treat but have been putting off scheduling an appointment? When was the last time you went for an STD test? With today’s hectic and busy lifestyle, it’s no wonder that your overall health could be slipping. However, try not to worry as this is an easy problem to fix. Read on to find out three straightforward ways to boost both your body and mind.

Check Up on Your Diet

If you are feeling cranky, run down and you are always relying on caffeine to pick you up, then there’s no way your diet can be delivering the right amount of nutrients for you to function as well as you need to. Difficulty concentrating and the 3 pm slump at your desk are signs that your insulin, or blood sugar levels, could be out of sync. Even if you are following a low-calorie diet, have a look at what you are eating and where your foods are coming from. Too many pre-prepared and packaged foods lack the nutrients that organic meats and vegetables deliver.

Everyone loves a treat – it might be the occasional takeout when you’re too tired to cook – but it it’s more than once a week then it will be wreaking havoc on your health. Harmful trans fats and high levels of salt and sugar can cause dehydration and ultimately heart health issues and diabetes if not kept under control. Be honest with yourself. Remember that changes you make will benefit your nearest and dearest too. Love nachos? Why not create your own version of the dips by using fresh tomatoes and avocado? Or if you’re going out for a special occasion, choose thin crust pizza over deep pan. Just making a few small changes will stand you in good stead.

Following a low calorie or low-carb diet? This might not be providing you with adequate nutrition and energy for your body type. Remember to incorporate good fats, such as avocadoes, nuts, and oily fish, to keep your brainpower up and improve concentration levels. If you feel shaky and wobbly then it could be a sign that your blood sugar levels are off. Far from reaching for the cookie jar, why not make your own energy balls to stash for emergencies? Eating well doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Taking the time to plan your meals and keeping easy, hearty recipes to hand will ensure that you and your family are keeping full, happy and healthy.

Sexual Healing

You might think STD testing is just for teenagers but think again. It’s just as important to keep your sexual health in check. STDs can affect people of all ages, from adolescents right up to the elderly. Even if you have been happily married or in a relationship for years, bear in mind that STDs don’t always display clear-cut symptoms – in fact, they can even go undetected for years. Believe it or not, STD rates are on the rise in the US, meaning that there’s no time like the present to keep protected and practice safe sex.

Perhaps you have felt a bit under the weather and noticed unusual discharge, itching or odor? Don’t be embarrassed, and book yourself and your partner in for an STD test or sexual health screening. It will benefit you both in the long term. There is a range of clinics that offer tests and information across the US… find out more on free std testing information here. 

Take Time to Chill

A busy job, small kids, family commitments, and a hectic fitness regime can be tough to balance. With so many demands and exterior factors creating chaos around you, are you looking after yourself properly? Waking up feeling lethargic and low could be a sign that your body is out of kilter. Check in with how you feel – are you losing control or feeling super stressed? Why not shake up your health and fitness regime with some low-intensity classes designed to help you relax, such as Pilates or Yoga? These practices are a great way to give your body a break from the gym and disconnect for an hour or so in a safe, nurturing environment.

If you are truly feeling off balance then it might be time to check in with your mental health. It can be difficult to keep positive when you’re under a lot of stress. Practices such as Mindfulness and Tai Chi can help with this – channeling the negative energy away and improving your mind-set for any future challenges that life chooses to throw your way.

Change doesn’t have to be difficult? Just taking time to incorporate a few simple changes in your daily and weekly routine will see you notice a huge difference in your overall health. Why not try it today?