How to Choose the Right Supplement for Your Fitness Goals

By | September 14, 2017

the right supplements

From vegan to an all meat diet, pills to powders, even for the most experienced of fitness fanatics, it can be tough when choosing the right supplement to meet your fitness goals. Fat and weight loss cannot be achieved by hours in the gym alone; in fact, it begins at home with a healthy diet and nutrition program, tailored to meet your needs. You might have bought those new track shoes and invested in a small fortune at your local gym, but this doesn’t mean you will lean up in less time. Read on to find out how choosing the right supplement will help you to reach those all important fitness goals.

Bulking or Shredding?

Be clear about your fitness goals right from the get go. When embarking on a new program, it’s important to establish whether you want to lean up, and reduce overall body fat or increase your tone and muscle definition. Both of these changes will do very different things to your physique, and the number on the scales – and similarly are achieved using different diet and supplement combinations – so don’t be ruled by that number. Body fat percentage is a far more effective measuring tool.

Check that you aren’t starving yourself – if you rapidly reduce your calorie count then the body goes into starvation mode, holding onto fat rather than letting go! Be sure to draw up easy to prepare meal plans, and make sure these include a range of good fats, including nuts and good quality oil. Avoid ‘low-fat’ foods, as these are filled with sugar and other fattening products. Invest in organic vegetables and grass-fed meat when available. Remember to treat your fitness goals as a journey, this will take time, so why not feed your body with the best produce available to achieve lasting results? For a comprehensive range of supplements, dedicated bodybuilding and fitness experts Muscle Bash could have just the right product for you.

Powder over pills… what’s the difference?

Will you take the time to mix up your morning protein shake? Perhaps you prefer taking your supplements before you go to bed and find it easier to take a few pills at set hours of the day. Even if you don’t like the taste of protein powder, don’t write it off completely! With so many different flavors and protein alternatives on the market, including whey and pea alternatives, be prepared to try a few different options as you undertake your body transformation journey. 

Diet rehaul

Who said change had to be bland, boring and repetitive? As you transition into your fitness journey, now’s the perfect time to trial out new recipes and get creative in the kitchen with meal preparation. Spices, garlic, and chilis are all great for adding new tastes and textures to your food. Think of your body as a motor that needs to be continually running – remember to prepare a range of snacks and keep your meals small but nourishing. Even if you are vegan or vegetarian, there’s no time like the present to enjoy fresh and tasty foods.