Health Habits That Make It Hard To Lose Weight

By | October 9, 2017


Losing weight is hard, but it’s even more difficult when you’re self-sabotaging with bad habits. Decide if weight loss is a priority for you and if you’re ready to get onboard with what you need to do to reach your goals.

You may not even realize you’re practicing a few of the habits that are holding you back the most. All it takes is a little education and willpower to get yourself over the first few hurdles. It’s good to recognize when you need help or that what you’re currently doing isn’t working. See health habits that make it hard to lose weight.

Late Night Eating

Pay attention to what you’re doing in the evenings after your meal. It’s very tempting to reach for a dessert or treat after dinner while you’re winding down after a long day. The last situation you want is to eat another meal after you’ve already had dinner earlier in the night. If you have to snack, come up with options that are healthy and don’t contain as much fat or calories as your typical desserts.

Doing Drugs

If you’re doing drugs, then your health is in jeopardy. You must stop, not just because you want to lose weight, but because it can ruin your life, your body and your mind. Ask for help from your friends and family, and realize that you will have to prove yourself to them. For example, have them purchase a 5 panel drug test. Therefore, they can check up on your habits, and you have reason to quit – you do not want to fail them, or yourself. This is not an easy fix, but it is of utmost importance. Quit doing drugs, and your body and mind will thank you.

Sustained Periods of Inactivity

Sitting for long periods of time isn’t healthy. The inactivity causes your body to hang onto fat and decrease your metabolism. You won’t be burning many calories, and you’ll still be eating a normal amount of food, or more. Be mindful if your job has you sitting for long periods of time. Try getting up during breaks and taking walks at lunch. Also, instead of going home to turn on the television, head to the gym or a fitness class to burn calories and break a sweat. You’ll feel better about yourself and will have more energy during the day.

High Caloric Drinks

In addition to food, what you’re drinking may be interrupting your weight loss goals. Fruit juices, alcohol and soda all contain unwanted calories that your body has to work extra hard to burn off. Drink more water, tea and black coffee, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted sugar messing up your diet. These are small changes that add up to a world of difference when you’re talking about weight loss.


Don’t make it tougher on yourself than it already is to lose weight. Be smart about your choices and educate yourself on how to improve your way of life. These are health habits that make it hard to lose weight.