How to Naturally Increase Your Confidence

By | October 10, 2017

be your best

Low self-confidence can feel like a life sentence. Every time you are passed over in favor of someone else and every time something goes wrong it can feel like another tick towards justifying your low opinion of yourself. The secret, however, is that you aren’t any different from anyone else, it’s just that you are holding yourself back. Instead of living in the shadow of your own insecurities, break out and shine by naturally increasing your confidence:

  1. Cut Out the Negatives in Your Life

Negative people and negative attitudes can feed on your self-esteem until there is nothing left. These people are toxic. When they focus only on your negatives and blame you for them, they are not helping you. They are making you feel bad to make themselves feel better and they do it to exert control over you. Don’t fall for their tricks, and cut them out of your life. They are toxic, and shouldn’t be tolerated.

  1. Look and Act the Part

A great way to gain confidence naturally is to look at act the part. Faking it until you make it is a very true and accurate mantra that works for many people. Put more effort into your appearance and you’ll notice immediately that people respond better to you. Smile more, speak more loudly and more assertively, even if you don’t feel confident. One day, acting and dressing this way will feel natural to you.

  1. Be Prepared

A great way to be more confident is to simply be more prepared. Know what is going to come, what you need to know and what you need to do, so that when the time comes you are confident in your response. This applies to everything from a trip to the grocery store to a trip to a conference.

  1. Gain Confidence at Home

Gaining confidence comes when you are proud of yourself and your body. If you aren’t confident enough to go to the gym, work out at home. If you aren’t confident in the bedroom, buy a Bathmate. There are ways you can improve yourself so that you feel more confident. Simply working on yourself can help you out more than you realize. 

  1. Say Thank You

When someone gives you a compliment or congratulates you, stop trying to be humble. Instead of being gracious, you’re throwing that person’s compliment back to their face. Accept these compliments with a thank you, and start believing in them. People would not compliment you unless they believed it.

Gaining confidence is a long journey, and it’s a journey that depends entirely on you. Start today and work towards getting rid of the negative voices both inside and outside of your head. Working on improving yourself is a good place to start. The effort and time you put into your appearance can pay off, as will accepting compliments and recognizing when people admire you. The only person stopping you from seeing how amazing you are is you, so gain your confidence and take on the world.