How to Build Rock Hard Muscles Fast

By | November 10, 2017

build muscle quickly
Skinny guys who want to build their muscles and people with little or no body confidence need to take note of some interesting titbits to achieve the perfect body. To accelerate your muscle gains, there are key training regimens that you must follow while understanding the importance of patience.

First, you should recognize that there is more to gaining muscles than just lifting a bunch of weights.

Start with basic strength training

Workouts to build muscles should start with basic strength training such as squats for legs, chin up for upper body, bench press, and overhead press. With these simple exercises, you will be able to prepare your body for heavier exercises that will stimulate muscle growth.

Instead of focusing on gaining muscles, which will take some time, work on becoming stronger as improving your body strength helps your body gain muscle fibers. Strength training makes your objective easier and tangible. Which part of your body do you want to grow muscles on? Choose three exercises that can build your strength gradually.

Keep track of your nutrition

As you are building your strengths, you must keep a food journal that helps keep track of your nutrition. Your training will only be meaningful when you eat enough calories and get all the required vitamins. Keeping track of your nutrition helps you monitor how much you’re eating and to quickly adjust in case you’re not making progress.

Watch your food and drinks intake and the time of the day eaten. The secret to gaining muscles is to gain some fat. It will be more difficult to gain muscles if you don’t have enough body flesh. On your non-training days, eat a lot as it helps you to keep body nutrients. You can also include carbs in your diet.

Focus on compound exercises

To grow muscles faster, the best set of body-building exercises are compound exercises that work the muscle at more than one joint. Compound exercises make your training efficient and promote growth through the release of testosterone. Examples include deadlift, press, chin up, and squat. Other exercises like leg extensions and curls are also important but make the various compound lifts your main exercise regime.

Train for one hour or less

“No matter the exercise regime you are doing, let it not exceed one hour per time”, says Jane Perry, lead personal trainer at Health Start. Keeping a high intensity is much more important than dragging out the workout. More so, marathon training regimes won’t grow your muscles overnight. Keep focus in the gym by reducing small talk.

Work each muscle at least 3 times a week

Programs for bodybuilding are designed such that each individual muscle is trained at least once a week. It means you must rotate a lot before you can touch another muscle. However, a better system is to ensure you exercise each muscle at least 3 times per week.

For example, your regime may be only weight lifting, but by switching to a full body workout, you will be hitting each body muscle at least 3 times per week. Another system is to perform specific exercises for each muscle group. Gradually increase the frequency of your exercises for each group so you can achieve rapid muscle and strength gain. However, ensure you don’t over-train to prevent muscle strain.

Drink a shake during training

While exercising, a good way to get some extra calories is through protein shakes. Pre-and post-nutrition are very important in your muscle gain mission, as protein shakes and carbs give extra calories that keep you going. You simply gain extra energy to train harder. However, be careful with consumption during exercises, as too much of it can disrupt your stomach.

Exercise the legs

Your leg muscles will give balance to your increased chest and arm muscle. Ensure you build the leg muscles to give your body a perfect look. A dichotomy in the upper and lower body may reduce your overall body strength.

Develop a mind-muscle connection

While in the gym, condition your mind to connect with your muscles such that you can visualize a muscle growth. If you do this, you will be able to make a rapid increase and refocus your efforts.

Weigh weekly

A good way to track your muscle is by using a scale to measure the change in your body. Climb the weight scale weekly on the same day during the same hour, and most importantly before eating. An increase in the scale will show you’re gaining muscle. However, be sure it’s not just fat by and it’s actually muscle growth.

Gaining muscles is an easy affair if you follow best-practices as listed above. Learn to take a rest while building body muscles as conserving your energy gives you more hours to exercise. Use a tailor-made service package to help you figure out what you need to do to reach your goals. A fundamental change in your body muscles won’t occur unless through eating well and regular exercising.