4 Benefits of Using Whey Protein in Your Diet

By | November 15, 2017

whey protein

Whey protein is a used as a protein supplement in the diet to improve how much protein reaches the muscles. Whey has low lactose content and contains nine amino acids. It’s made from separating out casein from the milk and it’s also possible to produce it as a by-product of cheese production.

There are several benefits of using whey in your diet, whether to increase your muscle mass, have a protein drink on-the-go as a meal replacement, or simply to improve the overall quality of protein entering your body.

Weight Loss

It’s been shown in a research study on the metabolism and nutrition that weight loss was significantly improved with greater body fat loss while retaining lean muscle on the body. Research subjects were given either a protein drink or a control one that acted as a placebo to verify the validity of the testing.

Making good choices for your diet is essential to maintaining or losing weight over time. Without proper diet and good nutrition, it’s difficult to keep any weight off that you’re already lost.

Lowering Heart Risk & Blood Pressure Levels

For people who have hypertension and are at a substantially higher risk of having either a stroke or heart disease, research by the International Dairy Journal found that patients had a lower risk when taking whey protein. The protein was taken via a shake and was successful in lowering blood pressure in people who were hypertensive.

Given the amount of expensive prescription medicine that’s taken for hypertension, along with the risk of having it remain in daily life, whey protein being confirmed as a useful way to reduce blood pressure is especially good news.

Multiple Cholesterol Types Lowered

Cholesterol and LDL cholesterol are known to be dangerous to the body. Levels were checked over a 12-week study by the British Journal of Nutrition, which looked at insulin and lipid levels in test subjects. At the 12-week mark, the group who took whey protein saw a reduction in cholesterol types when reviewed against the group taking casein.

Lowering cholesterol is usually a recommendation of doctors looking to prevent the blocking of arteries caused by eating too many fatty foods. It stands to reason that whey, which delivers lean protein without the saturated fats of fried food, would lower cholesterol.

Reduces Hunger Pangs

An Australian study into obesity and hunger levels determined that consuming a drink with 50 grams of whey protein was better at reducing the amount of ghrelin in the body. Ghrelin is a hormone which communicates to the brain when you’re hungry and when you’re not. It is not always effective and still communicates that you’re hungry after you’ve eaten a meal. Consuming 50 grams of whey kept the ghrelin hormone at bay for up to four hours, which reduced snacking between meals.

Whey protein has many benefits outside of pure muscle mass growth. As one of the leanest forms of protein available, it cuts out much of the junk that’s in modern meals and delivers what the body needs more directly.