Super Quick Remedies To Suppress Snoring and Sleep Better

By | December 12, 2017

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Has snoring become a troublemaker in your personal life? Even if it hasn’t, chances are that it will soon start showing its ravaging effects on your physical, psychological, and emotional health. Apart from ruining your sleep (and that of your partner), snoring causes mental unrest, indicates a heightened risk for cardiovascular diseases, and messes up your routine because snoring-affected sleep doesn’t really rejuvenate you.

It’s common knowledge that snoring is often a symptom of underlying problems. However, you need to act quickly, and that’s where the remedies discussed in this guide will help.

Elevate your bed’s top side by a few inches

Elevating your bed can result in an almost immediate reduction in your snoring. The posture that results naturally causes your nasal airways to open, enabling the free flow of air in and outside the body, without the grunting sound. Make sure you elevate both ends of the top side of the bed and use a solid base so that there’s no tilting or skitting.

Sleep on Your Side

For many of you, bad sleeping posture is the cause of snoring. To quickly eliminate this, start sleeping on your side. However, if your body is too habitual to the routine posture of sleeping on your back, here’s a trick. Take a tennis ball and thrust it down the back of your sleepwear. The discomfort caused when you try to switch from the side position to top position will automatically push you in the side position.

Dental Mouthpieces

Your physician might just be able to prescribe a mouthpiece to you, and it could bring down your snoring to negligible levels instantly. Of course, the idea of sleeping with a device inside and around their mouth is not exactly appealing to many individuals. However, ask a chronic snorer, and you’d understand why mouthpieces prove to be such amazing anti-snoring solutions.

Peppermint Oil and Goldenseal

Among quick and effective herbal remedies of snoring, peppermint oil ranks right up there on top. A few drops of peppermint oil, if consumed with hot water, or in your herbal tea, can reduce chest congestion, and in turn, reduce snoring. On a similar note, goldenseal can also help reduce throat soreness and can give you relief from snoring. Avoid consuming these herbal remedies in our routine teas, because they have caffeine, which could aggravate snoring.

Nasal Strips

Stick on nasal strips, much like dental mouthpieces, can deliver immediate relief from snoring. Place one of these strips on the bridge of your nose; this increases the space in your nasal pathways. Thus, your breathing becomes more effective than before, and this helps you overcome snoring. Another quick remedy is to use a nasal dilator, which is in the form of an adhesive strip (stiffened), and applied on the top of your nose, across nostrils. This strip reduces airflow resistance, improving breathing, and reducing snoring.

Lesser Known Causes

If none of these remedies appear to be working for you, it could be because the reasons for your snoring are rare. Here are some of them:

Deviated Septum: Some people have structural deformities in their nose from birth. For some, these could result from an accident. A deviated septum, for instance, is said to occur when the soft wall separating your nostrils is tilted towards one nostril, reducing airway space, causing snoring. Obvious, a surgery is needed to solve the problem.

Pregnancy: A significant percentage of pregnant women experience heightened snoring in their 3rd trimester. This is caused by the extra body weight during pregnancy. Though such snoring is automatically mitigated as the women recuperate from the pregnancy after the delivery, it makes sense to use an anti-snoring device during the ‘snoring phase’.

Allergies: Allergies could cause snoring, particularly during the change of season. Hay fever, for instance, could instigate snoring among many individuals. More than the allergy, the root cause if the presence of excess mucus. To combat this, start drinking a lot of water. If things don’t improve, take antihistamine after consulting with your physician.

Dairy Consumption: Many people drink milk a few minutes before sleeping. Some consume a hefty amount of dairy fat in their dinners. This could cause snoring in two ways:

– by producing more mucous in the body, which clogs the airways

– by making the existing mucous present in the body thicker than earlier

So, avoid consuming dairy products in the second half your day.

Concluding Remarks

Snoring could literally reduce the quality of your life, one night after the other. What’s worse is that your partner suffers equally. Before it becomes a permanent drain on your physical and psychological well being, improve your understanding of quick fixes so that you can start sleeping better, beginning today, Then, with the help of your physician, you can identify the root cause of your snoring, and choose appropriate lifestyle changes and medical procedures to uproot this problem from your life.