Sue Gilman – From Spectator to Competitor!

By | February 29, 2004

Not that you can tell by looking at my before photo, but all of my teenage and adult life, I had been a health and fitness fanatic. In all that time, however, I’d never been able to achieve the results I knew I was capable of. I was a perfectionist – it was always all or nothing for me. There was no consistency and therefore, I never achieved the results I craved. It wasn’t for lack of trying -I’d tried every diet in the book! Dieting and exercise were constantly on my mind, so much so, that it was difficult to enjoy the other things life had to offer. This was extremely frustrating for me and over time, my effort and motivation dwindled until I became totally depressed and unhappy with the way I looked, and the way I felt. This had a snowball affect on all aspects of my life. Yo-yo dieting and exercising had finally taken it’s toll.

I was at the end of my tether, not only because I was unhappy with my body, but even more importantly, I was so fed up with feeling like a failure. My good intentions were never enough to see things through to the end. When the going got tough, I gave up. Finally, the pain I felt was too much. I sat down one day and took a good long hard look at myself. OK, this was it, it was now, or it was never. I knew even before I started, that this time I was going to achieve what I set out to. This change of mindset is crucial – you must believe you can and will do it. And you must start now!

I simply made a promise to myself to give 100% of myself to a 12 week training and nutrition program. Nothing more, nothing less. If I made a mistake I would not feel guilty, or feel sorry for myself and just give up and go back to those familiar patterns that caused me so much pain. I would not try to make up for my mistakes by starving myself or doing extra cardio, I would just pick up where I left off. This time I knew that if I failed again I would never forgive myself and I would always see myself as a failure. I did not want that to happen, and that was my compelling reason to stay focused and true to my word.

I completed my 12 week Challenge, not without hitches and not without struggles (I was injured for 4 weeks!), but I was true to my word and that was an amazing feeling! Not only that – the changes I saw in my body were phenomenal. I discovered that with the right program and diet plan and with consistency and patience, anything was possible!

My whole outlook on life changed! I became more outgoing, more social, more energized, more motivated, and much more at peace with myself.

This fueled my desire to achieve even more. I now wanted to go further, I wanted to do the “ultimate” in bodybuilding – to get up on stage. For me, having trained for many years, it was the next step, and now that I could see what could be done with desire, focus and dedication, I wanted to see how far I could go. This was to be something completely foreign to me, as I am a very modest person who would not in a million years have believed I could get up on stage in front of hundreds of people, wearing nothing but a g-string bikini and 6 inch heels! That goes to show the new confidence and drive I derived from achieving my goal.

Because it was my first time, I knew I needed guidance. I enlisted the help of George Tabban, of Muscle and Bodyshape Gym in Richmond, Melbourne. He had produced many winners and when I spoke with him he was confident he would be able to bring out the best in me. I stepped on stage for the first time in April 2002, at 10% body fat. That feeling of being on stage was incredible. The hard work was all worth it, and it didn’t matter one bit to me how I fared in the placings. I had won already, because I had shown myself that I could do anything I put my mind to. The fact that I did win that event was caramel icing on the cappuccino cheesecake (which I enjoyed very much later that night!).

While dieting and training for my competition, I found an ally in the new fat metabolizer and energy supplement Durathon. The extra energy and vitality it gave me during this time of physical and mental stress was what kept me going -and the fat loss results speak for themselves. An all natural product, and non-stimulant, it is an awesome product, and one I truly believe in. Please send an e-mail to to learn more about this product.

Preparing for a competition was not an easy feat! It was mentally and physically draining at times but it was SO rewarding that I just wanted more and more. With my win in April, I qualified for the INBA National Titles in Melbourne, in October 2002 where I placed 3rd in my Open class. It was the biggest natural bodybuilding show in Australia to date, with just under 200 entries. With that placing, I qualified for the Natural Olympia, held in Phoenix, Arizona. I made it my goal to compete in Phoenix, and I’m happy to say I achieved that too. I was ecstatic with my accomplishments for my first year of competition.

I have learned so much about my body over the past years, how different foods and training programs affect me – what works, what doesn’t.. I can now pass on to others the knowledge I have gained and do what I really love to do – help others achieve their fitness and physique dreams, whatever they may be.

This year I worked hard on my new website, – which specializes in setting up 12 week training and nutrition packages, individualised for each client. My very first client, 46 year-old Kim Hamilton from Dubbo, won a monthly Physique Transformation contest and one of my latest finishers, Marcelle Hrabar of WA, looks fantastic after losing 10kg from her 5’3″ frame and now wants to compete! Just recently Jodie Arnold, another client was named the monthly winner of the Women’s Fitness Magazine Body Blitz. I am so surprised and thrilled at the success of my website in such a short time. I get such a kick out of helping people achieve things they never believed they could and having been there done that, I find I can relate very well to my client’s concerns. It’s very gratifying to see a client complete a 12 week program and then continue on, embracing the fitness lifestyle.

Life certainly has changed so positively for me in the last 2 years. I have many plans for 2004 and onwards – one of them to compete in the INBA State and National Titles at the end of the year, and another, to keep growing and expanding my Body Transformation website.

So, if, like many people, you don’t believe you have what it takes to achieve a fit, healthy body – think again. I did it, and so can you!

Sue Gilman

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