Is Natural, Supplement-Free Muscle Gain Possible?

By | July 14, 2011

I think many people are under the illusion that a person has to take muscle enhancing supplements to gain muscle mass.

This is mainly has to do with the marketing done by the supplement manufacturers. They make it seem like the only way to a great body is by using their products. They also use celebrities or professional body builders/models for endorsement. Many of these endorsors may have used their product once or twice, but it’s unlikely an supplement was the key to their success.

Hard work and sound nutrition are key and this can’t be shortcuted unless things like illegal steroids are used. Some people these days are so addicted to their protein shake that it’s kind of like they’re a child sucking on a protein filled teet! These supplements can serve a purpose but it is totally possible to gain lean muscle mass without any of them and it’s not as hard as you might think.

I very rarely consume any muscle building supplements as part of my body building diet. There may be a rare occasion that I’ll have a protein shake if I’m rushed and can’t eat a proper meal. I accredit my success to a diet that’s rich in whole, nutritious foods. I eat a lot of lentils and brown rice, tuna, salmon, chicken, lean beef, eggs, nuts, and veggies, while spending way less than I would buying protein powder.  Have you noticed how cheap lentils and brown rice are?

There are a lot of misconceptions out there concerning how much protein a person needs and most of the information is overly exaggerated. Some say 1 gram per kilo is a target, but this has been promoted as 1 gram per pound and this is way off. Also, it has to be your muscle mass kilos and not your total kilos. We have a Protein Calculator that will help you determine your target amount. Even so, I don’t think that much protein is necessary for most people.

Unless, your goal is to become a professional bodybuilder, then I would advise you to save your money, use protein supplements as a “supplement” and not your “life blood”, eat natural whole foods, and work hard to get the body you want. It’s possible and the most sustaining way to achieve lasting results.

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3 thoughts on “Is Natural, Supplement-Free Muscle Gain Possible?

  1. Christian

    You would be surprised how cheap protein powder is. The protein powder I buy is cheaper gram for gram than whole foods such as tuna, lean beef, nuts etc.

    Not to mention convenience and rapid absorption.

    Supplements are fine, as long as they are taken to supplement a wholesome diet, not replace one.

  2. Jamar

    Man, finally somebody who belives in true all natural muscle building. People look at me crazy when I say I take no supplements what so ever or protien shakes. I am training for all Natural Bodybuilding and I know exactly what your saying! Hey man keep it up and good luck

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