Will Diet and Exercise Get Rid Of My Manboobs?

By | February 25, 2013

get rid of manboobsMany guys who are on a journey to lose weight and build muscle wonder if diet and workout programs will eliminate their manboobs.

The answer is a bit complicated since there are several factors involved and each must be addressed before the manboobs will ever disappear.

However, don’t panic there are some steps to take before you resort to surgeries like Gynecomastia to remove your manboobs.

The Anatomy of a ManBoob

A manboob is generally composed of 3 layers.

  1. The muscle layer (pectoralis)
  2. The fatty Later
  3. The skin

Guys with manboobs generally have an excess of fat in the fatty layer which stretches the skin layer.  Also guys that don’t exercise can have flabby pectoral muscles which further magnifies the problem.

Getting Rid of Them

The first thing a guy plagued with manboobs should do is begin an overall fat loss diet.  Since fat usually comes off the same order in which it went on, there is no such thing as targeting the fat around the male breast. Just work on reducing your overall body fat percentage and eventually the fat around the breast will decrease.

Along with diet, strength training should be utilized to tone up the pectoral muscle. This toning lifts the area and produces a more masculine appearance to the male breast.

In less severe cases, the skin will eventually tone up as well, however, in some obese men excess skin could remain.

Unfortunately, this excess skin won’t just disappear and it may have to be surgically removed. If a guy has eliminated the fat, toned up the muscle, but is still left with flabby excess skin, he should check into getting this loose skin removed. Chances are there are other areas of loose skin that needs to be removed as well, especially around the belly region.

Surgery is always last resort, but after a guy  has done everything in his own power to eliminate their manboobs, he may need to explore that option if he is still left with loose skin around the breast.  For more information about this and other aesthetic procedures, please visit www.PlasticSurgeryGuide.com. This can give you a better understanding of what’s involved and the costs associated with the surgery.