Healthy Green Living at Post Brothers Apartments

By | July 18, 2013

green-livingHealthy Green Living is a popular trend among the environmentally conscious and I’m impressed that Post Brothers Apartments is making it easier for renters to go green.

Homeowners can easily make the decision to go green by updating appliances and so on, but often renters are at the mercy of their landlords who often sacrifice efficiency and sustainability for cheap.

Green living is important because it not only helps our planet, but also causes people to live healthier lives and encourages us to put natural, sustainable products in and on our bodies, which often can have a byproduct of weight loss.

Living complexes and businesses alike are beginning to adopt many green living initiatives. The benefit is two-fold with morale of tenants and workers rising with the positive effectiveness of improving the environment.

Companies like Post Brothers Apartments provides the environment for green living, but here are my tips to also fuel our bodies according to the go green philosophy.

Avoid Ultra-processed Foods

Ultra-processed foods are bad for the environment as well as for our bodies. These are the foods that have a long list of ingredients full of words we can’t pronounce.  They require a lot of energy to produce, a lot of materials to package, and they require a lot of energy to transport around the country.

The preservatives and chemicals these foods contain as well as the refined grains and sugars are unnatural for our bodies and hard for our bodies to process. The results are weight gain, digestive issues, and even disease.  When shopping, stick to the outside perimeter of the grocery store since most ultra-processed foods are found in the center aisles.

Buy Local and Seasonal Foods

Local meats and produce require the least amount of energy to get from the farm to the table. Green living apartments such as Post Brothers Apartment Communities keep this in mind by keeping their buildings in close proximity to city markets, green space, and community gardens.

I find that local produce often has the best flavor and a great shelf life. Traditional produce has to be stored for long periods of time and is usually picked long before it is even ripe. Green living, one the other hand requires buying only what’s in season and what can be grown locally.

For example, people should buy oranges in the winter but not in the summer since they are harvested in the winter months in the USA. Buying oranges in the summer means that they have been refrigerated for a long time at a big energy cost or that they have been shipped from another country, which is also requires a lot of energy.

There are a few exceptions like bananas. They cannot be grown locally in the USA.

Cooking Green with Post Brothers Apartments Efficient Appliances

Post Brothers Apartments uses only the most efficient cooking appliances in their apartments. In fact, their stoves and all appliances are powered 100% by wind energy! These are the same appliances all who want to go green can utilize in order to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

If we buy fresh local produce, but then store it in a wasteful refrigerator or cook it with an inefficient stove, we are missing part of the puzzle. Many people think that upgrading appliances doesn’t save enough electricity to make the replacement cost worth it. While people will see an improved electric bill, it usually will take years to recoup the costs of the appliance. However, we have to think globally and not just personally. The savings to the environment are the true benefits here. Shifting our thinking to a more global perspective causes us to see our actions in a different light and causes us to make a choice. We can cook our food in a way that is good for the planet or in a way that has a negative impact.

In addition to energy saving, efficient appliances cook our food faster, which allows for faster delivery to our tables saving time for other things.

Grow Your Own Veggies

The greenest way you can eat is to grow all or at least some of your own produce. Many people don’t utilize the outdoor space they have or are not aware of the community garden initiatives that exist in most cities.  Even a small planter box can grow a surprising amount of veggies.

Planting a garden allows people to be in control of exactly where their food is grown and how it is grown. Plus, gardening can be very therapeutic and rewarding. There is nothing quite like the taste of home grown tomatoes and squash, which are two of the easiest plants to grow. Many garden centers even sell the seedlings so all that needs to be done is a little transplanting.

Even for those that have never gardened before, there is a ton of resources available online. From building your own raised beds, to clever compact gardens for small spaces; there is a practical solution for just about everyone. Whether you live in a green apartment like those at Post Brothers Apartments or your own home.

You Don’t Have To Go Green All At Once

Some people decide to go green and think that they have to make all of the changes at once. This often leads to an expensive failure or frustration. Instead, people should make a few small changes to their lifestyles at a time. This makes the whole process of going green less overwhelming and costly.

Remember, every little bit helps and just like with dieting, slow and steady progress is better than fast changes that don’t become habit and can’t be maintained. Let’s follow Post Brothers Apartments example and make a commitment to live greener, healthier lives for both ourselves and for our planet.

6 thoughts on “Healthy Green Living at Post Brothers Apartments

  1. brooks b

    Great Article! I love Post Brothers’ commitment to green housing. Our environment truly need this.

  2. Sarah

    It’s great to live in a place that is actually concerned about helping the environment. Just by living here, I am helping to conserve energy!

  3. Maxx Dillon

    This is GREAT!!!

    This is whats its all about facts,
    Tell the union to suck on this!!!!

  4. Mark J

    Goldtex is walking distance to almost everything in the city, so i save money on gas and it gets me to exercise more and enjoy the city. Plus its close to school, so i can run home and walk my dog between classes.

  5. Sasha

    We have been waiting for such a green building in the city for the longest time;
    I live in the city right now and our electric bill has been astronomically high every month;
    We can’t wait to move into our new abode GoldTex and start saving money;
    Not to mention to be able to walk to the reading terminal and buy fresh produce from local farmers;
    Win Win situation !!!!

  6. stephen bouldin

    I love Green, Post is committed to EXCELLENCE!

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