Ted EditorNatural Physiques was originally started by Jeremy Likeness a certified personal trainer and health enthusiast who was able transform his own body from overweight to fit and muscular by using natural body building, fat burning methods. Along with Jeremy, many top experts in the field have contributed their expertise to Natural Physiques as well.

Today, Natural Physiques is edited and written by Ted Kallmyer who is an avid gym and health enthusiast. He writes for several popular websites covering diet and fitness as well as health issues. He has an undergraduate degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Counseling.

His desire is to educate others through the internet and help people lead more healthy, fit, and happy lives. Natural Physiques seeks to be a helpful resource that guides people to live healthier lives through shedding excess fat, eating healthier and strengthening their bodies.

Natural fat loss and muscle building is possible and is part of our philosophy. We will never promote gimmicks, magic pills, or products that haven’t been proven to work.

If you are a fitness expert and would like to contribute to Natural Physiques or if you have other questions please contact us.