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5. Just Cut Fat and Carbs and You’ll Be Home Free

Do not think that fat or carbohydrates are the only macro-nutrients to tweak in order to reach your goals. Almost everyone agrees that protein is important. What becomes a matter for debate is the role that other macro-nutrients, such as fat and carbohydrate, should play. In the previous two decades, fat was considered the evil […]

6. Not Taking Pictures of Your Fat Loss Progress

“I Don’t Want a Photograph of Myself Now When I am Fat. It’s Embarrassing. I’ll Wait Until I Lost All My Weight Before I Take A Picture.” Sound Familar? Do not make the mistake of not taking a “Before Picture”. In August of 1999, I stood in front of the blinds at the front of […]

7. I Missed Two Workouts This Week So I Might as Well Give Up

Do not get stuck in an all-or-nothing mindset. I first learned about this from David Greenwalt, a former coach and mentor of mine who helped me break the mysterious “single digits body fat” barrier in 2000. Understanding this made a huge difference with my progress! Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it is […]