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4 Exercises that Can Destroy Your Knee If Done Wrong

The thing about exercise is that while it can do great things for us when done wrong or in improper form, it can also cause a lot of problems as well. Of all the areas that improper exercise can hurt, joints are, of course, the most susceptible ones. Today, we are singling out the knee… Read More »

Best Exercises to Tone Your Glutes

Everybody wants to have a beautiful figure these days, but it’s a fact that everybody gets fattier with age. The fat starts depositing around the buttocks, pelvis, and thighs of women and the bellies of men. Females usually have a higher fat content than men and this rate triples after the age of 25. This… Read More »

Should I Be Squatting Below Parallel?

Tom Venuto provides an answer to this important question. Dear Tom, I have a question about Squat form. I recently found a workout partner for ‘leg day’. I asked my partner to critique my squat form and he tells me I’m falling short of parallel. When my partner squats, he is below parallel. When I… Read More »