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Foods That Will Sabotage Your Fat loss

While in theory fat loss is all about the amount of calories you eat, I believe that because of other metabolic factors some calories are better than others in the fat loss process. There has been a lot of research and other theories developed that challenge the whole calorie notion over the last 10 years […]

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Body Fat Percentage Guide for Men to Ten Percent

What does ten percent (10%) body fat look like? Have you ever wondered how you would appear at a certain body fat percentage? I have documented my fitness progress for several years. This is a guide to various levels of body fat percentage down to ten percent body fat to help you get an idea […]

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Body Fat Percentage Calculator

This body fat percentage calculator will allow you to learn how to take your body fat measurements – 3-site and 4-site methods. Measuring Instructions Method 1: Measure skinfolds at the Abdomen, Suprailiac, Triceps, and Thigh Method 2: Take only 3 measurements. Men – Chest, Abdomen, Thigh. Women – Triceps, Abdomen, Suprailiac Stand relaxed with your […]

Why It’s Important for Healthcare Students to Stay in Shape

Whether you are studying an MBA in healthcare management or a Ph.D. in nursing you’re going to be busy. Finding time to exercise might not be a priority and when you’re tired and overworked it can be easy to neglect exercise and start eating an unhealthy diet. However, staying in great shape is incredibly important […]

The Connection Between Hormones, Muscle, and Man Boobs

Men of all ages have thoughts about the potential for breast growth, whether or not they have any of their own. Men who like women tend to like their breasts, but the idea of the same organ growing on their own chests is cause of alarm. It’s even worse when it starts to happen! Sometimes […]

What is the Ideal Amount of Sleep You Should Get?

Sleep is an essential part of life and many people do not treat it with enough importance. We live in a fast-paced environment and it’s all too easy to try and survive on as little sleep as possible. This is not a good idea. If you do not get enough sleep your health, and your […]

How to Stop Stress from Causing Problems

According to data published by the World Health Organization (WHO), one in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. They added that around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide. […]

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