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Don't be fooled by gimmicks or miracle supplements, fat loss comes with proper nutrition and a proper workout routine.

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Foods That Will Sabotage Your Fat loss

While in theory fat loss is all about the amount of calories you eat, I believe that because of other metabolic factors some calories are better than others in the fat loss process. There has been a lot of research and other theories developed that challenge the whole calorie notion over the last 10 years […]

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Body Fat Percentage Guide for Men to Ten Percent

What does ten percent (10%) body fat look like? Have you ever wondered how you would appear at a certain body fat percentage? I have documented my fitness progress for several years. This is a guide to various levels of body fat percentage down to ten percent body fat to help you get an idea […]

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Body Fat Percentage Calculator

This body fat percentage calculator will allow you to learn how to take your body fat measurements – 3-site and 4-site methods. Measuring Instructions Method 1: Measure skinfolds at the Abdomen, Suprailiac, Triceps, and Thigh Method 2: Take only 3 measurements. Men – Chest, Abdomen, Thigh. Women – Triceps, Abdomen, Suprailiac Stand relaxed with your […]

Top Degree Choices If You Want to Work in Healthcare

If you are thinking of applying to college and want to pursue a career in the healthcare industry, there are many different options available to you when it comes to choosing which route to take. The healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing, and there are many lucrative career options available whether you want to […]

How to Stay Healthy When Studying Full-Time

Studying full-time can certainly take a toll on students, both physically and mentally. Staying healthy when you are a full-time student can often be difficult, but it is definitely important as your health will have a direct effect on your academic results and can play a huge part in how well you do with your education. […]

6 Tricks to Fall Asleep Fast

When it comes to terrible sleep at the worst possible times, we’ve all been there. For me, it was the nights leading up to my statistics exam. My anxiety and anticipation of the exam had me incapable of shutting off my brain at night. This, of course, led to even more stress and anxiety, keeping […]

Gain Confident Muscles with Healthy Discipline

Muscles mean confidence! They not only display your strength but also make you bold mentally. Often, there is this nagging lack of confidence from comparing your muscles with peers. You find it difficult to pick up a conversation or go ahead in a relationship. One may even find it difficult to concentrate at work and progress […]

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