3 Powerful Workouts for a Bulging Butt

By | November 14, 2014

butt exercises
It seems like everyone wants a bigger booty, but we don’t want all that size coming from excess fat.

Building the gluteus maximus muscle is the key and there are 3 powerful workouts that can do this, so that you will be filling out those jeans in no time.

3 Main Butt Building Exercises

If you want to build your backside, there are 3 really easy butt targeting exercises that you should be doing. Don’t get me wrong, they give you an intense workout, but they are easy to perform.


Squats are the king when it comes to butt building. Here are some tips for getting started.

  • Those new to squats should start with just your body weight.
  • Those who have trouble keeping their balance can do squats against a wall or over a bench at first.
  • As you advance start holding weight or dumbbells as you squat.
  • Do 1 or 2 sets a couple times a week, with a few days in between.
  • Prepare for a lot of soreness when you first start.

Here’s a great video that shows you the right form.

Side note:

Do Creams and Supplements Help?

I have seen some creams and supplements that aim to help with the butt sculpting process. They contain herbs and ingredients that are believed to smooth the skin and promote muscle growth. One such source is gluteboost.com However, these will only work best with the right exercise, diet, and dedication on the user’s part.


The squat’s best friend is the lunge. Although these are probably most people’s least favorite exercise to do, they yield really good butt building results.

  • Start with just your body weight.
  • Alternate legs with each lunge.
  • Lunge across a large room or lunge in place.
  • Try not to let your knee touch the floor.
  • As you advance hold some weight or dumbbells at your sides.
  • Do 1 or 2 sets a couple times a week, with a few days in between.
    • Here’s a video that shows how to do basic lunges.

      Climbing Stairs

      Another great exercise for the backside is climbing stairs. What’s great about this exercise is that it can be done as you go about your daily routine.

      We are confronted with the option to use stairs on a daily basis, so choose them over the elevator.

      • Take the stairs to your office.
      • Use the stairs at the mall.
      • Use your stairs at your house as a workout tool.
      • Gradually increase the number of stairs you climb each day.
      • Alternately, you can use the stair stepper at your gym.
      • All of these options will help build your butt muscles and give you more definition back there.

        Fat Loss is a Side Effect

        Working out your butt and thigh muscles burns a lot of calories since they are the largest muscle groups in our bodies. So while you are increasing the size of your butt, you’ll also be decreasing your body fat percentage.

        These muscles continue to burn calories even after your workout for an even greater benefit.

        If you aren’t doing squats, lunges, and stairs, but want a more pronounced butt, it’s high time that you start.