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Can Plant-Based Diets Really Help You Lose Weight

From melting body fat overnight to curing cancer and preventing diabetes, the many health claims behind the “plant-based” trend are enough to make you sit up and listen. Many people turn to vegetarian and vegan diets as a miracle weight-loss solution, however, without realizing that cutting meat and dairy from their diets is not the… Read More »

Building a Healthy Heart with Fitness and Nutrition

Having a healthy body and a healthy physique should also include heart health. Cardiovascular care starts from within, with proper nutrition, and is completed from without, with physical activity. The cardiovascular system circulates the blood throughout a network of vessels all through the body. This circulation provides oxygen and nutrients to individual cells and it helps dispose… Read More »

Giving Up Sugar to Lose Fat

Losing fat isn’t easy, but one very easy step you can take is to eliminate refined sugars from your everyday diet. Sugar is in so many foods and even foods that are labeled as healthy. In fact, I believe that it’s more important to watch your refined sugar intake than it is to watch your… Read More »

Is it okay to overeat and indulge every once in awhile?

Overeating can put your health at serious risk … even if you eat healthy most of the time. This is one reason I don’t like programs that advocate days where you can eat as much as you want. I’d rather you eat anything, rather than everything, if you understand the difference. According to various studies… Read More »