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5 Protein Boosting Fast Snacks You Can Take with You Anywhere

Forget those store-bought energy bars. If you are into taking care of your health you’ll have no qualms about preparing a few fresh, homemade, protein-packed snacks to take with you so that your energy always remains at maximum levels. Surprisingly, sophisticated cooking skills aren’t required to make snacked sized quantities of foods rich in protein.… Read More »

Testosterone and Building Muscle for Men Over 40

When it comes to building lean muscle, the hormone testosterone is vital. The reason younger men find it much easier to lose fat and build ripped muscle is because of this essential hormone. If you’re a man over 40 and despite your hours in the gym, find it next to impossible to add muscle and/or… Read More »

How to Lose Body Fat – By Eating More Fat

Alice Lichtenstein, a preeminent nutrition scientist from Tufts University, is charged with helping the USDA write dietary guidelines for Americans. In a recent comment to a Wall Street Journal reporter, Dr. Lichtenstein acknowledged that low-fat diets were “probably not a good idea.” In fact, as Americans have dutifully gone low-fat, they’ve vastly increased their obesity… Read More »

Cooking With Protein Powder

When you’re embarking on a new diet regime intended to help bulk up your body, protein will become your go-to food group. Poultry, fish, meat and eggs will become your new best friends however, to increase your protein intake without having to overload on chicken and tuna, protein supplements can be added to meal times… Read More »