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Frequently Asked Questions about Muscle Building and Fat Loss

The Connection Between Hormones, Muscle, and Man Boobs

Men of all ages have thoughts about the potential for breast growth, whether or not they have any of their own. Men who like women tend to like their breasts, but the idea of the same organ growing on their own chests is cause of alarm. It’s even worse when it starts to happen! Sometimes […]

How to Lose Fat and Build Muscles Naturally as a Bodybuilder

As a bodybuilder, you’ve probably often wondered what the best ways are for both losing fat (especially visceral fat) and building muscles at home, all the while keeping the process natural. It can oftentimes be hard to maintain a balance between not eating too much and eating exactly what you need in order to build […]

The Top Ways to Stay in Shape at College

With freshman party season almost over, many new students are settling into the often drastic changes of campus life. Meeting new friends, attending parties, pulling all-nighters, drinking, and eating take-out food can often take its toll on new students, who find that they have gained a little weight and feel a little more out of […]

Do Testosterone Boosters Really Work?

  The testosterone boosters are known to stimulate the body in order to produce more testosterone for supporting faster muscle growth. Testosterone is the cardinal hormone associated with the strength gains, increasing muscle mass in the body and for the sex drive. That’s why people seeking to develop muscles in a quicker manner take the […]